by Forth Wanderers

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Paws 03:21
I got a secret and it's holding me back, keeping me dragged And you seem like i'm making you mad, hurts me bad Don't say those things, i'll explain another time when i get it right I'm so sick baby I thought just maybe make me fixed baby i've been shy daily I can't leave my house, i can't go out It's nice to feel cared about but I think you've had your doubts I'm not clear on where i stand, touch my hair and hold my hand I like when you talk to me, smile and laugh and kiss my cheek I think things you'd never guess a girl like me just makes a mess I just make a mess I'm so sick baby Can't be fixed baby
I think I'll be fine, tell me where to look 'cause i'm not looking behind you think i'm so sweet, you make me sick i can't eat when you're around don't lead me on you know i'll take it to heart And i'll speak up for once, too much time in the backseat you held my held my hand and it felt good to be seen I'll sleep if my beds unmade why am i always afraid I like how things stay the same around here I kept all your secrets safe nothing in return, 'cept your imprint on my brain I kept all your secrets safe All i've been is by your side I hate you for letting this get out of line I think i'm fine, seeing you cry hearing you whine and you'd think that I would know better by now but I don't and I don't know why So I think you should stay, love me until there's nothing more to say and i'd feel great and you'd feel better in time You'd feel better in time
Sip Neigh 03:40
Find me somewhere new to show my face been lying in bed just for the wait nothing can hurt me more, nothing can ruin me now who are those new clothes for? and i'll catch your eye somehow Your heavy eyelids always bring a smile Take me out with you, drive around for a while I'll try real hard to keep my cool I'll try real hard to look away from you more bad news I'll leave my friends hang with you instead You'll mouth the words I replay in my head Fuck my friends i'll hang with you instead You showed me myself(x3)


Big Thanks to So.i.Heard House's Sean Killary and Geoff Mutchnik for recording and producing us!

Contact us at or to book shows n stuff!


released November 24, 2013

Ava Trilling - vocals
Ben Guterl - guitar
Duke Greene - guitar
Noah Schifrin - bass
Zach Lorelli - drums

songs written by Ben Guterl
lyrics/melodies written by Ava Trilling


all rights reserved



Forth Wanderers Montclair, New Jersey


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